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Never-before-told stories & timeless lessons from Disney visionaries-PRAISE FOR Disney U:In Disney U, Doug Lipp examines Disney’s timeless company values and leadership lessons, creating a training and development dynasty. It contains never-before-told stories from numerous Disney legends. These pioneers share behind-the-scenes success stories of how they helped bring Walt Disney’s dream to life.
I highly recommend Disney U to anyone interested in building an enduring market presence and brand.”
Stephen Cannon,
President and Chief Executive Officer, Mercedes-Benz USA

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Disney U

“When I first arrived at The Walt Disney Company, I was surprised to find I had to go back to school—at Disney University! There, I learned the fundamentals of guest service that consistently gave Disney a tremendous advantage in the marketplace. Now, anyone can know these secrets of success, thanks to Doug Lipp’s informative book. No matter what your business, the lessons taught at Disney University will prove invaluable.”

Michael Eisner, former CEO and Chairman of The Walt Disney Company

“Doug Lipp shares terrific stories about Disney that underscore the importance of creating an organizational culture with an unwavering dedication to superlative service and exceptional quality, both for employees and customers. He then takes it a step further by explaining how to bring these values to life for your organization.”

Christine A. Morena, Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Saks Incorporated

“Disney U does a masterful job of detailing how Disney has built a brand that transcends generations and cultures. Doug Lipp has created much more than the standard “how to” business book. Disney U provides numerous compelling, behind-the-scenes stories that bring to life Walt Disney’s timeless values of employee development, attention to detail, and the relentless pursuit of quality. I highly recommend Disney U to anyone interested in building an enduring market presence and brand.”

Stephen Cannon, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mercedes-Benz USA

“Van France and the Disney University team embody a famous Walt Disney quote, “The best is never the best.” Doug Lipp’s riveting narratives reveal how Van and other Disney visionaries set the stage for a world-class organization by skillfully balancing both ‘people’ and ‘technology.”

Debi Aubee, Vice President of Sales, Bose Corporation

“Walt Disney and Van France were masters at creating employee education that was entertaining, memorable, and effective. Although I’ve read many books about Disney, I’d never heard about Van France and his role in founding the iconic Disney University. Every leader should have the equivalent of a Van France at his or her side. Thanks to Doug Lipp, we can now tap into the brilliance of a man who helped Walt create The Happiest Place on Earth.”

David Overton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The Cheesecake Factory



Customers and employees from around the world are changing the way business is done at home. The Changing Face teaches you vital strategies to attract and retain this rapidly-growing customer and employee base and expand your business, large, or small. Readers will develop \”Cultural Sense,\” learning how to overcome obstacles

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The Changing Face of Today’s Customer
Book Review: Backyard Globalization Expands Customer Base, from WorkWise Magazine, September, 2003Most companies today are looking for new business development opportunities, but they always identify which ones might be good and how to maximize them. Failure to explore options requiring sensitivity to cultures and backgrounds is contributing to a potentially severe labor problem.

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Book Review: Reviews of Good Books, from Foreward Magazine, 2004"With an unprecedented mix of cultures in the American work environment today, employees aat all levels of the organizations need to learn to properly deal with the expectations of people from different cultures."

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Testimonial Letter: From Rick Ferracini, Manager, Acura/American Honda Motor CompanyThe information contained in your book was effective in encouraging me to think about how our multicultural customers are treated in Acura dealership Service Departments. The issues, exercises, and case studies that were covered in the book are certainly relevant in today's multicultural business environment.

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This book is designed to be a practical tool to help you analyze the service and products you or your organization provide from the standpoint of being in balance. How well are you attending to both the \”art\” and \”science\” needs of your employees and customers? With these 11 exercises

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Even Monkeys Fall From Trees"Even Monkeys Fall From Trees" brings a refreshing message and a holistic approach to customer service. In a masterful, yet practical way, Doug Lipp gives us a formula for balancing the science of technical ability and the art of interpersonal skills. It is more fun to be swinging in the trees, but falling is just a reminder to get our life in balance. What a valuable learning! Doug invites us to take care of ourselves so that we can delight and care for our customers."

Jeanette Haas, RSM, Senior Vice President of Mission Services, Owensboro Mercy Health System

"Doug Lipp has taught customer service to some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world. By following the customer service principles laid out in Even Monkeys Fall From Trees, I have secured some of the largest Japanese investments in the United. I enjoyed this book, particularly the references to Disney. I think the subtitle should be something along the lines of "don’t wait untill you lose a major client to buy this book.’."

Al Gianini, Managing Director, CB Richard Ellis

"Doug’s unique philosophy towards the science and art of customer service is timeless and applicable to all industries at all levels...it is a refreshing change from the usual. From receptionist to CEO, his techniques can help you win the war of customer service.

Eric Frasier, Vice President, National Sales Manager, Conseco Fund Group

"This book provided common sense solutions to help everyone at all levels of the organization. The exercises ‘The Seven Absolutes’ will be especially useful as training tools for my customer service organization. The material is innovative and creative, yet practical. The scenarios are realistic, allowing workers to visualize themselves in similar circumstances."

Donna Hatcher, Customer Service Manager, NEC Electronics



Sound familiar? They should. You’ve heard or made similar comments when sharing \”life on the road\” stories with your business colleagues or family. Why not tell even more people, or collect some? They’re fun to read, plus you might actually learn some new ways to survive another day as a

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Stuck in the Middle Seat ™
Hi Doug"Hi Doug. I had a chance to review your book. Good stuff! I can identify with about 90% of all of them. My favorites are on pages 46-50 and page 88. Those hotel phones drive me nuts!" Howard Putnam, Former CEO Southwest Airlines, Author: "The Winds of Turbulence"



Foreign subsidiaries in the US are in crisis. Cross-cultural misunderstandings and ineffective communication leave managers and employees frustrated, confused and angry. In \”Danger and Opportunity\”, authors Lipp and Clarke examine these crises and suggest that within them can be found opportunities for growth and development into stronger organizations. Click to

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Danger and Opportunity
This is a ‘must’ book for Japanese expatriate managers in the U.S. and American workers in Japanese subsidiaries...straightforward and even-handed. What Lipp and Clarke advocate, based on their combined forty years of business consulting work, is an integration of the best of two cultures in an organization."

Toshi Kii, Professor of Industrial Sociology, Georgia State University

This book is an easy read…right on the mark. My position at NEC Electronics is to work with the Japanese CEO to change the culture and value system of NEC and to make it more aggressive and competitive in the North American marketplace. I wish I could have read the book before starting the assignment."

John J. Chenette, Vice President, Human Resources, NEC Electronics, Inc.


This book is designed to be the life-preserver for every Japanese manager who relocates to the United States. Most Japanese managers are ill-prepared to manage Americans. When chosen to relocate to their subsidiary companies in the United States, very few Japanese managers receive practical training on how to manage Americans.

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In 1983 Disney opened its first international theme park in Tokyo Japan to rave reviews. The success continues to this day. But what happened “behind the scenes” that the public doesn’t know about? How did two dramatically different cultures manage to work through the tremendous cultural barriers to achieve this

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More and more Japanese business people are conducting business abroad without the safety net they used to enjoy. Gone are the days of relying solely upon huge trading companies or corporate headquarters to provide a negotiation team. This book helps Japanese business people prepare for the tough job of negotiating

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