Naperville Chamber of Commerce

We’ve worked with a number of speakers and Doug Lipp was one of the easiest speakers to work with from start to finish. Not only did he want to learn about our organization and Members, he was truly interested in making sure that he delivered the best presentation for our attendees. His enthusiasm for educating and inspiring others is catching. His attention to detail and responsiveness was so appreciated. I’m hopeful that we will be able to work together in the future. It’s clear why he is the success that he is, he cares about the people his works with and the topics he shares.

PMI (Project management Institute) – Alberta Chapter

Doug was invited to PMI-Southern Alberta Chapter as a keynote speaker at our yearly convention. Doug’s presentation was relevant to our profession and he spoke with passion and conviction. He left us with tools and techniques to drive success into our projects and delivered his message in a lasting and vibrant way. He had us laughing and reflecting. He was one of our top presenters, easy to coordinate with, and is a genuine, caring person that would be a great add to anyone’s convention.”

Whistler Chamber of Commerce (x2)-Vancouver

I want to say a very sincere thank you for your time and presentations at the Spirit lunch and breakfast! We’ve received numerous messages from attendees reinforcing how much they enjoyed your presentation! You captured the spirit perfectly and engaged all of us with messages that were relevant, tangible and do-able! You’ll be a hard act to follow!” – CEO

Tony Robbins Group (Fortune Mgmt-CA)

Wow! Wow! And Wow!….pretty much sums up your presentation at the Tony Robbins’ Personal Power Seminar. You were sensational!! I especially appreciated the fact that you customized a program to fit the needs of our audience. You did your homework and it showed! The audience loved your storytelling, unmistakable depth of knowledge and quick wit. You held their attention throughout the entire program. In short, Doug, you made us look good!!

KPMG Peat Marwick

Your reputation as an excellent and well-prepared motivational speaker proceeded yourself and you proved that your recognition is well deserved. Rather than speak about generalities, you communicated your message through the use of relevant information and topics that the audience was knowledgeable and comfortable with. Thanks so much!”

US Chamber of Commerce

Your presentation at the Chamber of Commerce CEO Leadership Conference was a rousing success! Feedback about your presentation, ‘Global Competitiveness in a Local Market,’ has been very positive. The marketplace in the US is indeed changing due to the constant growth of our immigrant population. Your message about meeting the needs of these cultural minorities, as a huge base of potential new customers, was right on target for the attendees of our conference. These CEOs and leaders of the Chambers of Commerce now have some new ideas they can take back to the businesses they support. I also sincerely appreciate the extra preparations you made to tailor your presentation for our members; the audience openly complimented your efforts!”

Accenture (was Anderson Consult.)

Thank you for your enlightening presentation! Thank you for participating in our Community meeting. I found your presentation to be right on target regarding the need for cultural diversity and sensitivity. I felt that your diligence and research was well founded and helped to tailor the presentation for our specific needs. You really grabbed the audience attention with your display.”