The 3 Pillars of Organizational Success … or Failure

the 3 pillars

Anything supported by three pillars is inherently weak; lose one and everything comes crashing down.

Organizational culture is no different. Whether you own a small company, run a non-profit, or lead a team of thousands, your organizational well-being rests upon these three pillars:

  • Hiring Right
  • Training Right
  • Treating Right

Unfortunately, most organizations fail at one, or more, of these three cultural pillars.

Hiring Right: Hiring and promoting the wrong people is like purposely planting weeds in your garden. Yet, far too many organizations fail to support this pillar. I constantly see two flawed approaches that guarantee failure:

  • Ineffective interview strategies. “Tell me about yourself.” “How have you handled this problem in the past?” “Why do you want this job?” Yuck. Boring. Ineffective.
  • Promoting technically qualified people who are not prepared to lead.

Haphazardly filling open positions plagues many. What’s one solution? Implement behavior-based interview strategies that reveal an applicant’s true self. Hint. Include role-plays in your interviews.

Training Right: Employee development is never-ending and needn’t be costly nor time-consuming. Consider these quotes from Disney University visionaries, and then eliminate the baseless excuses you might have for not training your team:

“Budgets might be tight, creativity is free.”

Van France, Disney University founder

“Training isn’t an ’employee car wash.’”

(one-and-done always fails) Tom Eastman

Treating Right: Cultures of respect and honesty attract the right employees and customers. Even the strongest, well trained new-hires will fail when thrown into a dysfunctional team.

Which of these three pillars do you need to reinforce?