3 Reasons Why Organizations Fail

Anything supported by three pillars is inherently weak; lose one and everything comes crashing down.

Organizational culture is no different. Whether you own a small company, run a non-profit, or lead a team of hundreds, your organizational well-being rests upon these three pillars:

  • Hiring Right
  • Training Right
  • Treating Right

Unfortunately, most organizations fail at one, or more, of these three cultural pillars.

Hiring Right: Hiring and promoting the wrong people is like purposely planting weeds in your garden. Yet, far too many organizations fail to support this pillar. I constantly see two flawed approaches that guarantee failure:

  1. Ineffective interview strategies. “Tell me about yourself.” “How have you handled this problem in the past?” “Why do you want this job?’” Yuck. Boring. Ineffective.
  2. Promoting technically qualified people who are not prepared to lead.

Haphazardly filling open positions plagues many. What’s one solution? Implement behavior-based interview strategies that reveal an applicant’s true self. Hint. Include role-plays in your interviews.

Training Right: Employee development is never-ending and needn’t be costly nor time-consuming. Consider these quotes from Disney University visionaries, and then eliminate the baseless excuses you might have for not training your team:

“Budgets might be tight, creativity is free.” Van France, Disney University founder

“Training is not an ‘employee car wash.’” (one-and-done always fails) Tom Eastman, Retired Director, Disney Unversity

Treating Right: Cultures of respect and honesty attract the right employees and customers. Even the strongest, well trained new-hires will fail when thrown into a dysfunctional team.

Arguably, the post-Pandemic norm of attracting and holding on to qualified employees further heightens the urgency of maintaining each of these pillars.

Which do you need to reinforce?