6 Ways to Delight your Customers with Customer Service

They say that the number of people telling other people about bad experiences with a certain product or brand is more than double the amount of people who talks about their good experiences. That is why it is important that you keep your customers delighted in as much as you possibly can.

Delighting your customers means that you are able to beat their expectations, and you have given them more than mere satisfaction. When your customers are delighted, they are more likely to do a positive word of mouth for you!

Here are 6 ways on how you can delight you, customers:

  1. Use technology to help you understand your customers

Technology is helping to make life easier. It also makes doing business easier. One of the ways it can help us is by helping us come up with decisions that are appropriate for the actual situation that we are on. For example, automated customer service such as chatbots can help provide the needed help for your customers round-the-clock. You are also able to collect, analyze, and interpret the customer data that you can use to improve your business so that you will know what the customers are looking for, and how you can achieve these demands.

  1. Technology can also help you provide better customer service

Now that you understand your customers, you think you will know how to deal with your customers. But the sad truth is, you won’t be able to provide the best customer service all the times.

In order to deal with these cases, technology can also help you out. Automated surveys can rate your customer service, and can help you understand what is needed to be improved on.

  1. The entire company should be providing customer service

It is a good mindset for everyone in the company that all are providing customer service in one way or another. This will ensure that whatever they are doing, they are doing their best. Let them understand that the actions of all the members of the organization have a part in the satisfaction of a customer. Let them also understand that a customer is not only one who will buy the product. We have internal customers who rely on what we do before the external customers would get in touch with the final products.

  1. Learn from mistakes you have committed.

Although it is our goal to delight our customers, it is understandable if we cannot achieve it 100 percent of the time.  Mistakes are there not to humiliate us, but to help us learn.

When a customer is dissatisfied, try to understand what is causing the dissatisfaction and try to rectify it. If it can be corrected, that would be great. But if not, learn from your mistakes and make sure that you won’t commit it in the future.

Also, learn to accept that you commit mistakes. Customers don’t like it when you try to reason out. Own your mistakes and do your best to address them instead.

Do better the next time.

  1. Understand how important it is to keep your customers delighted.

Keeping your customers delighted is more important now than it has ever been. Before, word of mouth can only get you so far because you would have to physically talk to another person in order to relay your message. But today, with social media, a customer’s rant could reach so many people – his friends, his friends’ friends, it will even reach people your customer doesn’t even know.

It is therefore really important to keep your customers happy so that the good messages about you can also reach a lot of people. Keep your customers delighted and you’ll have more and more customers.

Take LORNA JANE, an activewear shop selling clothes online. Because of their drive to push their followers towards an active lifestyle, they have gained a following over at their Instagram account. Make your audience part of your goal. Promoting an active lifestyle does not end with clothing, but continuously motivating people to do their best makes customers happy.

  1. Finally, concentrate on your customers and not on the competition

When playing baseball, you will need to keep your eyes on the ball, not on your opponents. Focusing on the more important thing will help you do the right thing.

Being distracted with how your competitors are doing won’t help you – it would even make things worse because you won’t be able to focus on what’s important.

So focus on providing the best experience for your customers, and don’t mind your competitors. Do what you think is right – don’t compare!

Delight your Customers and they will keep on coming back

This entire effort to delight your customers is not just a gimmick. Delighting your customers will actually bring a lot of benefits to your company. Not only will this help trigger a positive word of mouth so that more and more customers would come to you, but it would also help you in having them come back.

The true measure of how great a company is not on how much customers they can attract, but how much customers they can retain. So practice the tips above on how you can delight your customers, and have them coming back over and over again! Who knows, this could be the missing key to earning your first 1 million dollars!