Kill Your Creativity … With Two Words

Yes If

“No, because.”

This pair of words kills more innovative and creative ideas than the ever-present combination of organizational politics and limited budgets. “No, because” creates a superhighway of excuses and inaction.

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The answer?

“Yes, if.”

Those who attack problems with the “yes, if” mindset will discover countless opportunities to overcome the tired excuses dragging down far too many.

Transitioning into the “yes, if” approach might take some time, so here’s an approach that has kick-started creativity for a lot of organizations. Create two “yes, if” responses for every “no, because” excuse you fall back on.

So, close the browser and exit this website right now and get to work on one issue (personal or professional) currently dogging you. You’ll be stunned by the simplicity and effectiveness of how this 2:1 ratio ignites innovative ideas.