Schneider Electric – Saudi Arabia

You absolutely plussed the show in such an inspiring and moving way. These guys were very touched. Your contagious energy, warmth, passion and master craft for what you do really struck a deep chord in the participants. In a word, the experience the group had with you all was unforgettable.
Your narrative on Disney’s way. “Walking the park”, “plussing the show” and “dreamers and doers” in particular were paramount to the group’s learning and sparked ideas for their own change. The group was profoundly impacted by your Snow White “lost princess” story and actually, it had a few of them getting a tad emotional during the next day’s debriefing session. In fact, they referred back to your lessons many times throughout the final synthesis workshop as they reflected on each different learning exchange they had and the leaders they interacted with. You provided many tools for them to actually conceptualize their change tasks at the end of the week.