Words of Training Wisdom from Disney Legends


“Marketing is the time and money you spend to get people in the door. Training is the investment you make to get guests to come back and cast members to stay; it creates loyalty.”

Jim Cora, Retired Chairman, Disneyland International

Jim Cora’s Disney career spanned 43 years. He was hand-picked by Walt Disney to help start the Disney University with the founder, Van France. The Disney University is respected around the world as a premier training institution. Training is a core value at Disney Theme Parks and Resorts … and the results speak for themselves.

Training is a vital component of customer service and employee engagement, yet far too many companies wantonly cut training budgets and personnel. Why the short-sighted approach?

For budget-sensitive executives, I urge you to consider new and creative approaches to training. It needn’t be conducted in classrooms loaded with the latest high-tech equipment. Training can occur anywhere at any time … even in five-minute bursts during pre/post-shift staff meetings.

There is no excuse for cutting effective training programs. Finally, here are some additional words of wisdom to consider in this era of cost cutting and belt tightening:

“Budgets might be tight, creativity is always free.”

Van France, founder of Disney University