Doug is a master at engaging executives in one-on-one discussions on-stage.
He calls these his “fireside chat” sessions. Through these sessions, motivational keynote speaker Doug puts even the most nervous executive at ease and helps them connect with the audience in a very relaxed, natural manner. The fireside chat is a welcome interlude between speeches, bringing good energy to a long conference schedule.
Doug is also a masterful panel discussion moderator. Panels can consist of customers, internal or external experts or even government officials. Doug’s relaxed, engaging style, and quick wit are a natural fit for these types of discussions. Panels cover a lot of information in a short amount of time; with Doug’s interactive style,


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attendees are often treated to “off the script” comments that are rich in content. Audiences and guest speakers immediately connect with Doug’s relaxed,-yet informed style and ability to think on his feet. His many years of business experience and consulting gives leadership speaker Doug the ability to engage with people from all business backgrounds. Doug’s skill as a professional speaker, humorous story-teller, interviewer and facilitator ensures your conference objectives are met with just the right amount of humor and interaction to keep the message fresh and memorable. DOUG BECOMES PART OF THE MEETING PLANNER TEAM

Successful conferences are a combination of tireless planning plus the ability to react on-the-fly. Doug is skilled at both, as you will see from his client testimonials. Doug’s pre-event activities range from coaching presenters and panel members to visiting conference sites with meeting planners. During the conference, Doug is 100 percent engaged. His consulting and facilitating background adds a whole new level of detail and professionalism even when he is introducing speakers. He is much more than an emcee.

Doug’s ability to summarize complex presentations is unparalleled. Because of Doug’s pre-event work with every speaker, and his thorough note-taking during the conference, he connects the message of every speaker to the attendees … and the conference. Plus, he always keeps an eye on the clock!


Doug transforms conferences into dynamic, engaging opportunities to learn, network and have fun. Doug will work carefully with your meeting planners and company executives to ensure you not only meet, but exceed your conference goals.

The following are skills that Doug can provide for your event.

  • Opening and Closing Keynotes
    Kick off your event with an energizing opening keynote or close your conference with a customized speech filled with key takeaways from each speaker.
  • Speaker Introductions
    Doug provides engaging introductions of your conference speakers with seamless transitions between speakers.
  • Pre-event Preparation with Speakers
    Set the stage for your speakers’ success with pre-event coaching for speakers and panel members. Doug gleans information form every speaker – from personal to professional accomplishments – adding the individual touch that personalizes the program.
  • Connecting Your Speakers’ Messages to the Audience
    Doug takes thorough notes during the conference to in order to summarize each speaker’s important messages, ensuring overall conference goals are met.
  • Hands-On LearningParticipants enjoy relevant exercises and hands-on learning activities timed to meet audience’s needs.
  • Tools of the Trade
    Doug is skilled at working with a teleprompter and script, and for multi-day events, he works with organizers, scriptwriters and executives to create a compelling event.
  • Last Minute Changes? No Problem
    Last-minute change is the norm for conferences. Adept at thinking on his feet, Doug effortlessly rolls with unexpected changes in a conference schedule. Did the last speaker end early or put everyone to sleep? Doug seamlessly incorporates his skill as a training expert to reinforce learning points and re-energize the audience.
  • Engaged and Approachable
    Often attending pre-event meetings, Doug‘s flexibility and approachable style is welcomed by conference planning teams.
  • Fireside ChatsDoug often facilitates one-on-one discussions with key executives to add variety and interactivity to a conference session. He works directly with meeting planners and executives to help create the message flow.
  • Panel Discussions
    Doug is a master at facilitating these small-group discussions. His active listening and interviewing skills combined with his sardonic wit ensure these discussions will resonate with any audience.
  • Cross-Cultural Consulting
    American-based jokes, sports references or quotes work well with Americans. What about your international attendees? All too often they are left behind, simply wondering why everyone else is laughing. Similar challenges can be found in details such as the food that is served to the number and skill of simultaneous interpreters. Doug’s extensive background as an international cross-cultural consultant will ensure the success of your next global conference.
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