Giving Back & Community is dedicated to giving back. Pam and Doug are passionate about many important causes . True to Disney style, there is a story. Here are a few.


100% of Disney ‘s author proceeds from corporate purchases and book sales benefit NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Doug and Pam credit NAMI with saving the life of their daughter Amanda who experience crisis and was hospitalized for many months. During recovery NAMI taught them about wellness and family support. Amanda’s recovery was a journey and her wellness opened the door for Doug to write again … it was cosmic that NAMI should benefit.

And a word about Amanda. During her recovery, she was elected at age 19 to the Board of Directors for California NAMI, the youngest ever in the organization’s history. She graduated from UC Davis in 2014 and was immediately hired by the Mental Health Service’s Authority. She currently sits on NAMI National’s Youth Advisory board. She has recently started her own mental wellness speaking and consulting business,


So what does Doug do when learning, the day before leaving for a 30-day journey to the Middle East, that his grandfather was an iconic figure in the country you are visiting. You quickly scan pictures and send them to the event planner and wait! Pam and Doug hoped that maybe they would get a tour of the refinery and learn a little history. What they didn’t know is that Milton, the general manager of the Middle East’s first refinery would go on to be Chairman of the Board for BAPCO. To quote the Minister of Commerce from Bahrain “Milton Lipp is a household name in Bahrain”.

At home awaited four boxes full of Bahrain oil history – photos, calendars, and articles. It was stunning to learn that Milton played such an important role in the making of history in this region of the world. Doug and Pam vowed to return the family heirlooms, a donation by Doug’s father Gordon, to their rightful spot in history at the BAPCO Museum on the very grounds where Milton worked.


Walt Disney Family Museum, with Ron Miller and Lee Honors College student

Diane Disney Miller chose San Francisco’s Presidio as the home for her family tribute and gift of her father’s legacy. Doug and Pam were blessed with Ron and Diane’s support of Doug’s book Disney U. The WDFM is full of stories about Walt’s innovation, perseverance, leadership, adversity, and of course creativity. Jim Cora, retired Chairman of Disneyland International, and Doug were invited to provide a Talk about the subject of Disney U, Van France, Founder of the Disney University – it would be the WDFM’s first Talk about the Operations/People side of Disney’s story. As members and volunteers, Doug and Pam are committed to supporting the growth of WDFM’s education outreach.

Doug and Amanda with CEO of NAMI (Nat'l Alliance on Mental Illness)

Doug and Amanda with CEO of NAMI (Nat'l Alliance on Mental Illness)

Milton H. Lipp (1960) with Royal family of Bahrain

Milton H. Lipp (1960) with Royal family of Bahrain. the Milton H. Lipp collection donated to BAPCO (Bahrain Petroleum Company).

When a neighbor became ill, ALS-TDI has been a target fundraiser for the entire family. Keith Lipp shares a special giving back story that was in our local news.

Ryman Arts Fundraising event

Ryman Arts Fundraising event. High school student, Maya Rosales sells her first art piece ever!

Doug interview with Art Agnos

At WDFM, Doug interviews former San Francisco Mayor, Art Agnos as part of their monthly Talk public programs.

Amanda Lipp at California Capitol at an Each Mind Matters

Amanda Lipp, presents at the California Capitol at an Each Mind Matters event.