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ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE: It’s More than a Coat of Paint

Leaders build the culture, live the culture, and reinforce the culture every single day.
Leadership has always set the tone within an organization. Today there’s growing consensus that a winning, sustainable culture is only achieved when it is ‘actively’ steeped throughout the entire organization.
In this program, leadership speaker Doug persuasively demonstrates that organizational culture is much more than a coat of paint daubed on the walls of a building. Culture is the cornerstone of success and supports your business performance and all operations. As such, it’s uniquely yours and almost impossible for competitors to copy. It can be your organization’s greatest competitive advantage yielding engaged employees, loyal customers, high earnings and sustainable market share. Or conversely, it can be a recipe for anemic growth, missed revenue projections, and high employee turnover.
Through riveting examples and powerful, relevant stories about innovation, service, value and leadership, leadership keynote speaker Doug pulls back the curtain and reveals the behaviors, tools, and attitudes that are representative of cultural excellence at Disney and other great institutions. He also outlines common organizational traps that undermine companies and impede their ability to build a thriving and sustainable culture.

Disney U: How Disney University Develops the World's Most Engaged, Loyal, and Customer-Centric Employees
Leaders, whether at the helm of a ship or an organization, set the tone for engaging the hearts and minds of employees. In Disney U, Doug Lipp shares how Disney has created a high performance culture where everyone takes ownership and responsibility.”
CAPTAIN D. MICHAEL ABRASHOFF (Ret.) Former Commander, USS Benfold Author, It¹s Your Ship.

Walt regularly walked through the park looking for things to improve. I copied his routine. Facts are easy to identify, I was looking for feelings.

– Van France, Disney University Founder

Lead the Way –Your Employees and Customers Will Follow

Timeless Secrets from Disney U

Walk the Park

Capturing Hearts and Minds

Dreamers & Doers

Balancing Creativity & Execution

Hire Right – Train Right – Treat Right

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Learning Points

All presentations are customized. Needs assessment time with Doug is included with every project. Great attention to organizational challenges and/or mission is considered when designing a client’s program. Presentations may be a one-hour keynote or up to three hours in a workshop format. Leadership and teamwork programs may contain any of the following learning modules.

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    Lead the Way – Your Employees and Customers Will Follow

    How Disney lost, then restored the luster to the Magic Kingdom.

  • Change Or Perish

    Change or Perish – Take a Ride on the S-Curve:

    Contrarian thinkers. Brutal Honesty. “Pot stirrers.” Constantly-evolving organizations embrace these innovation imperatives. Does yours?

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    Walk the Park Capturing Hearts and Minds:

    Walt Disney created a culture of trust and innovation by gathering facts and feelings.

  • Dreamers And Doers

    Dreamers & Doers – Balancing Creativity and Flawless Execution Doers

    Creative tension and succession-planning ensure longevity.

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    Leadership the Disney Way – The 4 Circumstances

    The non-negotiable values of Innovate, Support, Educate & Entertain drive a culture of unparalleled passion.

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    Hire Right, Train Right, Treat Right – Build Your Organizational Culture:

    Choose the right people. Prepare them. Add them to a culture of respect, trust and honesty.

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    Your Values – What do You “Fight” For?

    What values does your leadership embrace? How does your organization ensure top-level strategies and values are embraced by front-line employees? How do you bring these values to life every day while maintaining your focus on projects and staff?

  • Culture Matters

    Branding, Disney Style – Do You have What it Takes?

    So, you don’t have a famous mouse, duck or tiger? No worries! Anyone can build a durable brand. Here’s a hint: budget is the least of your concerns. Strong leaders are the key to creating, and sustaining, an adaptive culture and timeless brand.

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    The Buck Stops With You – Great Leadership Equals Great Service

    Examine the relationship between leadership team productivity, outstanding service and satisfaction scores. The power of execution, leadership consistency, and transparency is key.

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    Tear Down Silos – Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

    Explore how to tear down departmental silos that destroy teamwork, communication and creativity. Doug shares legendary examples of how Disney and other world-class organizations get it done; strategies anyone can use to excel.

  • Manage What Matters

    The Honeymoon Will End – Cinderella Castle and Culture Change

    Anyone who has ever been involved in a grand opening knows the feeling. The energy accompanying pre-opening, followed by the eventual letdown afterwards, can be an emotional roller-coaster. Learn how Walt Disney World averted a crisis, reenergized cast members, and dramatically reduced turnover.

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    The Parking Lot Principle – How do You Differentiate?

    Parking lots at Disney theme parks are huge assets used to create customer service differentiators. How? At what cost? Learn outstanding examples of how the best leaders maximize teamwork, communication and innovation. What is the equivalent of the “parking lot principle” in your company?

  • Popcorn Empowerment

    Popcorn Empowerment – Creating Service Recovery Superheroes

    Develop a massively engaged workforce via a good dose of trust and creative training.

  • Mental Toughness Switch

    Mental Toughness – You Can do This!

    “Do more with less.” “Cut budgets.” “Improve service.” These realities are here to stay and lead to catastrophic burnout and turnover. How do you and your team cope? What can you do to take your creativity, energy and brand to the next level?

  • Creativity Is Free Trans

    Creativity Is Free – Trust is Earned

    Budgets and headcount will always be tight. Creating a culture of trust and creativity is the leader’s role … and is surprisingly inexpensive.

  • Yes If

    “YES, IF!” – No Excuses Leadership

    Demand a “Yes If” culture. Learn how Walt Disney created breakthrough technology and unparalleled standards with a no excuses leadership style.

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    Start, Stop & Continue – Own Your Actions!

    Learning is worthless without action. This 3-step goal-setting process will bring learning to life.

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