Disney U – How Disney University Develops the World’s Most Engaged, Loyal,and Customer-Centric Employees

Foreword by Jim Cora

How did Walt Disney create “The Happiest Place on Earth?” What are the secrets behind Disney’s legendary employee development dynasty and how does it reinforce organizational values, culture and brand?  Learn how Disney continues to capture the hearts and minds of thousands of employees around the world through an unwavering devotion to the core values established by Walt himself. Doug’s career working directly with Disney visionaries, combined with his recent interactions with Disney legends while writing Disney U, provides the backdrop for intriguing never-before-told stories. Doug shares how the Disney University remains relevant—more than fifty years after its founding – and why these leadership lessons are more important now than ever before.

Disney U is also available in Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese

The Changing Face of Today’s Customer  – Strategies for Attracting and Retaining a Diverse Customer and Employee Base in Your Local Market

Foreword by Peter Ueberroth, Former US Olympic Commissioner

Customers and employees from around the world are changing the way business is done at home. The Changing Face teaches you vital strategies to attract and retain this rapidly-growing customer and employee base and expand your business, large, or small. Readers will develop “Cultural Sense”,  learning how to overcome obstacles to a global service and leadership approach.


Even Monkeys Fall From Trees – The Key to Maintaining Your Balance and Recovering from Inevitable Mistakes

Even the best and the brightest make mistakes. However, the ability to deal with these setbacks then bounce back even stronger is the hallmark of consistent market leaders. This book is designed to be a practical tool to help you analyze the service and products you or your organization provide from the standpoint of being in balance. How well are you attending to both the “art” and “science” needs of your employees and customers?


Stuck in the Middle Seat ™ – How Traveling Can Really Suck!

Spending too much time on the road? List your luggage? Missed a flight? This book is for you! Join our two luckless travelers, Bob and Lucy, as they experience the joys of travel. Like you, they’ve been “on the road” one too many trips and never seem to catch a break. If you think you’re having a rough time right now, just look at them and realize … things could be a lot worse!


Danger and Opportunity – Resolving Conflict in U.S.-Based Japanese Subsidiaries

Danger and Opportunity Foreign subsidiaries in the US are in crisis.  Cross-cultural misunderstandings and ineffective communication leave managers and employees frustrated, confused and angry. In “Danger and Opportunity”, authors Lipp and Clarke examine these crises and suggest that within them can be found opportunities for growth and development into stronger organizations.