Almost every job we provide is contracted by a bureau. You all have been good
to us during the 20+ years we’ve been running our company. We field many calls
and emails … typically, somebody somewhere sometime heard Doug speak and they want to hire him again. Our job is to make sure that repeat business is sent to the booking bureau.

Here are a few things we request:

  • Exceptional communication between you and us, and the client
  • A pre-event phone call with the end client – every presentation is customized!
  • A complete itinerary before the event outlining meeting details
  • 25% commission to bureaus (unless otherwise stated)
  • Video-taping only upon advanced agreement (charges may apply)

Everything you need to start marketing Doug Lipp today! Please refer to the tool box with all of the downloadable marketing materials for your website. Please contact us if you need any hard copies of these materials. Contact us so we can add you to our database and make sure you get included in future updates.

We look forward to working with you!

” Thank you so much for all you do for us and our clients! It is so appreciated.”

Washington Speakers Bureau


Pam and Doug,
Disneyland’s Main Street, 1984