PMI (Project Managers Int’l) N. Saskatchewan Chapter, Professional Development Day

In my 4 years, those are very likely the best scores we’ve achieved. His scores exceeded our own goals and expectations. This was also our record attendance. You accept that we all bring something to the table and showed us how to integrate everyone.

It was a stunning and wonderful presentation. It was our privilege to have such a great speaker at our chapter.

James Richardson & Sons (JRSL)

Many thanks for a wonderful presentation . It resonated well with everyone , receiving many positive comments.  You are a great presenter, giving us many things to think about.  I appreciated that you had done your homework and knew a lot about our company which you referred to at appropriate times.  Adding the puzzle game was terrific and provided a clear message about how we communicate. Wonderful to have you join us for dinner and the grain tour.

Waterloo logo Disney Institute Keynote Speaker

University of Waterloo

We loved Doug. He understood our culture and the outcomes we were working towards. Doug was very attentive, requesting information, and in turn incorporating that information into his presentation – and it went smashingly well!”

CIBC Equity Markets (Toronto)

Doug was the keynote speaker at our conference. In his preparation, Doug was inquisitive yet thorough, thus creating a presentation that was customized for our clients. On stage he was engaging, passionate and charismatic. Thank you, Doug, for being such an integral part of our conference.”

Best Buy General Managers

Doug is a very charismatic public speaker who captivates the audience with his entertaining and interactive stories. Doug did a fantastic job inspiring and motivating the team to strive for a higher level of customer service. He gave our team some different views that were very insightful and useful for our staff and organization.” – National Director, Sales & Operations

We were thrilled to have Doug present at our General Manager’s conference. Doug was incredible, drawing on his experiences and tools used to inspire teams at Disney as the base for a first-class presentation on leadership. He also took the time to familiarize himself with our business, strategy, core values, themes of the conference, and skillfully reinforced those themes throughout his presentation. He was entertaining, dynamic and enlightening, and we would absolutely recommend him to any company looking to inspire their leadership teams.”