Eversource Energy All Staff Meeting (x3)

It was a real pleasure working with you again.Your session presentations were terrific. I really appreciate the energy and insight you share with us. I heard only terrific feedback from the attendees.

Dresser Rand Worldwide Leadership

Doug did a great job today with a really tough audience. He is just amazing to watch how he can flex his style to the audience demographics.

We had confidence this year the meetings would surpass previous years –much of that due to having you both on board!
I have included a snapshot of Doug’s performance from each meeting. I guess I don’t need to say anything, the results speak for themselves. Thank you for making us better at what we do ….I know we have true partner’s when we reach out to you,Doug Lipp Content was relevant/ Inspirational/Motivational –
A-P/MENA Numbers – 94% (highest score ever on inspirational/motivational)
Latin America Numbers–– 96% (-highest score ever)
NA Numbers – 97%
ESA Numbers – 83% (bested his own score)

Wow, what a whirl wind series of meeting and traveling around the globe. As I reflect on the meetings, areas for improvement, challenges in a new org. and things that keep me up at night … nowhere did our Keynote Speaker come to mind. WHY? because, your two are true professionals, you know us well and forecast our needs well before we think of them. t was a pleasure seeing you and working together to serve our internal clients. On behalf of Dresser-Rand, Thank you. You plussed the Show….