CIBC Equity Markets (Toronto)

Doug was the keynote speaker at our conference. In his preparation, Doug was inquisitive yet thorough, thus creating a presentation that was customized for our clients. On stage he was engaging, passionate and charismatic. Thank you, Doug, for being such an integral part of our conference.

Thank you for speaking at our event. The feedback has been incredible! I think everyone could take away some valuable lessons.

Wells Fargo Retail Banking-AZ (x2)

Attached you will find the post meeting survey results for your presentation. It should make you very happy to know that this segment received the highest rating! Thank you so much for your time a dedication to creating a high impact presentation that the audience clearly loved! It was truly a pleasure working with you both! You really did a fantastic job relating your message to examples our team members could easily follow and relate to. Thank you for a great presentation. -Wells Fargo