National Limo Association

Thank you for an outstanding presentation. We have heard nothing but great things from the attendee. You connected with the audience right at the beginning and all the way through his presentation.  The attendees walked away from his Keynote Address with a feeling that they had learned something and more importantly they could use what they learned everyday.  I hope our chauffeurs experience the same feeling.

Breckenridge Grand Vacations

I forgot to mention that I read Disney U on my flights this past weekend and loved every minute of it!  Every chapter seemed to draw a parallel to our BGV world, from hiring for traits/training for skills to leadership development to giving back in the community to creating synergy instead of silos and even navigating the difficult journey of losing an iconic leader. I came away feeling more inspired than ever about ways we can improve the training that we offer to every employee and about elevating the quality of our leadership at BGV.  I have since asked our entire Exec Team and our Culture & Service Trainer to read Disney U before the end of July in preparation for our time with Doug.

Travel Alberta Speaker Series (x8)

We were thrilled –  record attendance and first time ever selling out of the speakers series! We would love to have Doug back again in the next couple of years to dig even deeper.Doug connects with and energizes our Tourism Industry unlike any other speaker that we work with.”

OABA – Outdoor Amusement Business Association

Thank you Doug! My board members had very favorable comments about your enthusiasm and incorporation of your knowledge and the amusement industry into your presentation. We all greatly benefited from your lessons!”