Boar’s Head – Delicatessin Services Conference

The Distributors found your presentation to be very informative and entertaining. Our President, cited your references to preparedness and “showtime” during his State of the Union final speech driving home the expectations from our Distributor Family in their service and training commitments for their retail partners.

Doug, your pre-work, and extra effort, showed well today. Excellent job!

Grafil Inc.

Your input has been invaluable not only in helping us recognize the corporate cultural differences in the business setting, but in understanding our own personal cultural differences as well. Your enlightenment was inspiring and your presence was appreciated!” – HR Manager

Delco Electronics

The Product and Process Assurance Department would like to thank you for the Culture sessions you presented at Delco Electronics. The emphasis you placed on understanding culture was especially pertinent. Your presentation has been of great assistance as we continue to improve our relationship with our suppliers.”

Frigoscandia Equip.-Denmark

The conference was a big hit and considered to be the best one this group has ever attended. You have a delightful style that keeps your audience engaged through the use of ‘real-life’ examples and a touch of humor, which in turn makes you very effective in delivering a valuable message in an entertaining way. Your pre-program research and planning was clearly an essential key to your effectiveness in our conference. Your presentation put us in the right frame of mind to challenge various areas of our company in leadership and customer service issues!”

Fluor Daniel

We truly appreciate your willingness and time spent in speaking at the continuous Performance Improvement seminar. You were extremely well received and our staff has asked that we have you come back again to further enlighten us regarding cultural diversity. We all feel that it would help us develop a productive relationship with our clients. Thank you for opening our minds!”

SKF – Moderator of 3-day event

Doug moderated our North America Asset Management conference. His high energy, engaging presence, and unique sense of humor kept our audience involved and attentive throughout the 3 day session. His substantial involvement prior to, and during the conference helped all of our presenters (some their first time) shine, and get their story out. Doug was also able to weave meaningful personal experience to further support our message. I would absolutely recommend Doug and use him in future sessions. He is a pleasure and joy to work with.” – Vice President