Manulife Financial Leadership Conference

Highly recommend Doug as a keynote speaker. We were completely impressed with Doug at a recent Manulife event. Doug was well prepared, highy engaging – enlightening, inspiring and funny all at the same time. He was absolutely great!

PMI (Project Managers Int’l) N. Saskatchewan Chapter, Professional Development Day

In my 4 years, those are very likely the best scores we’ve achieved. His scores exceeded our own goals and expectations. This was also our record attendance. You accept that we all bring something to the table and showed us how to integrate everyone.

It was a stunning and wonderful presentation. It was our privilege to have such a great speaker at our chapter.

Select People Solutions

Every client stated that Doug shared invaluable perspectives and was a phenomenal presenter. More than once I heard that he, “spoke for 3 hours and it felt like 20 minutes!” During Doug’s presentation I looked around the arena of well over 1,000 people and saw people actually on the edge of their seats listening. Doug is an incredibly genuine and passionate person who is truly gifted at sharing his message and engaging an audience. His messages stick. Doug Lipp is a down to earth person who really cares about others and has a strong desire to help businesses improve. Doug takes “Disney” to a whole new level!”