Festival Foods

I truly enjoyed listening to Doug. His message was powerful and has inspired me to do more to empower my staff as well. I tell many people that Festival Foods is my own personal Disney Land. If I am away from my own family, there is no other place I would rather be. Our culture does seem to mimic that of Disney’s, and I do my best to live up to those standards on a daily basis. Thank you, Doug, for your inspiration to keep wanting to do better and to make the Festival experience a great one for our guests and associates alike!

Best Buy General Managers

Doug is a very charismatic public speaker who captivates the audience with his entertaining and interactive stories. Doug did a fantastic job inspiring and motivating the team to strive for a higher level of customer service. He gave our team some different views that were very insightful and useful for our staff and organization.” – National Director, Sales & Operations

We were thrilled to have Doug present at our General Manager’s conference. Doug was incredible, drawing on his experiences and tools used to inspire teams at Disney as the base for a first-class presentation on leadership. He also took the time to familiarize himself with our business, strategy, core values, themes of the conference, and skillfully reinforced those themes throughout his presentation. He was entertaining, dynamic and enlightening, and we would absolutely recommend him to any company looking to inspire their leadership teams.”

A T & T – Sales Conference

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I shared a lot of the insight with my husband this weekend. As I did the exercise regarding my team I had many ‘aha’ moments. You have inspired me to look at challenges as opportunities into new solutions. I cannot tell you how much I learned from you.”

Foodland (Sobeys)-Mexico

The feedback we have received from the franchisees at the conference has been great. Doug really worked to incorporate our messaging and was well received. His did such an excellent job!

Testimonials Essilor Logo Business Keynote Speaker

Essilor Asia Pacific- Dubai

Doug is a true professional! He impacted our organization, with his presentation, examples, and customized approach for us. Doug did his research, is always available, and open to support the mission of and principles of our conference. I cannot say enough positive things about Doug. Hi took the time to fly into my hometown and meet with me and discuss the event. He also visited four our our stores discussing our product with front line sales staff. He called our executives from all over the world interviewing them as part of the needs assessment to plan his session. Finally at the event in Dubai, he attended all the networking events and executive sessions to learn more … he was 100% engaged in the culture of the conference. There were 19 different interpreters for the event and Doug met with them to ensure their understanding of his presentation. I cannot say enough positive things about Doug. Many thanks from Essilor and our conference attendees. Doug was rated at the top! Thank you for making my job easy.” – President at Essilor